These photos show why autumn is the best time to visit Hangzhou

There’s no doubt about it, Hangzhou in east China is beautiful. One of the greenest cities in China, it is a pleasure to walk along its leafy streets at any time of the year.

But, autumn really is the season when it, and much of the rest of China, is at its best.

The autumnal colours are just stunning in Hangzhou.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Hangzhou on a clear day in autumn, when the gentle, warm sun puts in an appearance, you’ll be blessed with some of the most beautiful views of the city’s famous West Lake, as these stunning photos show! I’m no professional photographer, but even I couldn’t mess up with these views on offer.

Taking a boat trip on West Lake is wonderful.

Fringed on all sides by firey-hued trees, West Lake’s beauty has influenced painters and poets for generations. One of China’s largest man-made lakes, in the heat of summer it can be torturous to walk around, but, in autumn, when temperatures are comfortable, a walk around the lake is soothing and tranquil.

West Lake has various islands and causeways.



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