A backpacker’s guide to China: a one-month itinerary

This article was a bit of milestone for me – the first piece I had published in the print edition of The Guardian newspaper! Despite having had a number of articles published in online publications, there’s something still so cool about your work going out in print. It’s even cooler when your granddad, on the other side of the world, hurries out to his local paper shop on publication day to pick up a copy specially!

It was also significant because it was the first time that an online article of mine (which was published simultaneously to the print version) received a high number of comments from readers. And, of course, it being theguardian.com there was a mixed bag of opinions, from people saying how the article was inspiring them to travel to China to others asking why they hell the writer chose this particular backpacking route. I’ll admit, reading the negative comments was quite hard for me and I had to stop after a while. I found myself simply being unable to shake off the criticisms. However, it was an interesting insight into online comments and definitely a new experience for me even if it was one that made me feel more exposed as a writer than I have before.

Anyway, at the risk of more negative feedback, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ultimate one-month backpacking route for Mainland China so please do comment below!

Read the full article A backpacker’s guide to China: a one-month itinerary, The Guardian, September 2018.

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